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Our full site isn’t quite ready yet, but here are the two most recent publications we helped bring to life. Keep an eye on the site for more soon!

Publication design

Bug Hunt: The Children of Argent

Written by Stephen Seibert

Huge mutant bug aliens have swarmed the planet, taking over cities and keeping what humans they have left in bug farms where they will be used as food or worse - bug zombies. The few free humans that are left have fled to the wilds and banded together to survive.

Just next door to the Bug Easy, the Ancient Brotherhood of Roughnecks has a safe house to which you’re all headed. Despite the mutant bug aliens ravaging the rest of humanity to near extinction or slavery, this little slice of Earth has been left relatively peaceful and bug-free…until recently. You’ve heard strange rumors that there are bugs living in harmony with humans. Is this truly the key to salvation?

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An Unexpected Wedding

Written by James Walls

A celebratory adventure, with a fiendish twist!

One of your player characters is ready to tie the knot, and it’s up to the rest of your adventuring party to plan the perfect day. Within these pages a randomly generated, nuptial-inspired romp awaits our guests.

An Unexpected Wedding uses the Blank Shot adventure format, which resides somewhere between improvisational adventure design and zany party game. The basic adventure is complete, however much of the backstory awaits the players’ input. Before starting the adventure, the players and their game master weave together all of these components. You and your friends are in for a wild ride!

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Digital media

We’ve been working with the amazingly talented team at Ravendesk Games to promote – and play in – their bi-weekly Vurt game on Twitch. Vurt, the table-top role-playing game, is based on the visionary (and hallucinatory) science-fantasy world of author Jeff Noon, who won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Vurt in 1994.

The initial campaign focused on a motley street gang called the North Gort Boomers. Vurt is set Future Manchester, and as such, we enlisted a proper Mancunian to help recap the previous sessions. Of course, Manc is not easily digested for non-natives, so we supplied creatively-translated subtitles to go along with the recap videos.

The 2019 campaign, Dog Save The King (a.k.a. The Consultants) features an oddball quintet of consultants to the King of Manchester’s private security force. Recap videos for Ravendesk’s social media feature a slightly more non-Manc friendly recap voiceover combined with quirky faux-newspaper headlines.


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If you have a clear idea of what you need, we can help you execute. Not quite there yet? Let us advise and strengthen your existing plans. We’re here to roll crits.

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Make sure your game has the content, tone, and quality that you set out to create. We’ll dot t’s and cross i’s, while staying very much aware of typos or stylistic mistakes. Like, say, the fact that you dot i’s and cross t’s.

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We bring a lifetime of design experience to the table, and, since we play, we know (and are) part of your audience. But we also geek out about the latest typefaces or the latest development frameworks.

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We have a lot of incredibly talented friends and acquaintances in our personal networks. We can help you find the right artist, and the right tone to make your game shine.


A strong game idea can’t grow into a strong game without a social media strategy. We can advise you on how to the word out and engage your growing community.

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Both during development and after release, we’re down to play. We’ve collectively got almost 40 years of gaming experience. You set the scene, we’ll bring the dip.

The team

We’ve been doing this for a while, and we’ll keep doing it. We love creating beautiful design work and playing games.

Char Irrgang


A.K.A. The Design Queen, Char has been designing for more than 15 years and has a reputation as a multi-faceted pinch-hitter that’s always eager to add new tricks to her quiver.

Robb Irrgang


A.K.A. The Loud Silent Partner, Robb takes a systematic approach to design and development but also knows what typefaces have the best looking ampersands.


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